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Basic Feature

Easy Setup and Installation

It only takes a few simple steps to prepare your DMS Point of Sale system.

Preparing the POS Computer

Click to download DMS Point of Sale 1.00 (226 MB)

Click to download DMS Point of Sale 1.00 Lite (25 MB)

After downloading the DMS Point of Sale 1.00 Setup file, follow these steps:

DMS Point of Sale Installation

The program will automatically launch and create your DMS POS database (to contain your sales records for the next 100 years).

DMS Point of Sale Creating Files

Wait till the "Customizing Installation" screen appears. Enter the registered name and address (first two lines) of your store. If your store address consists of more than two lines, you will have to enter the additional lines later.

Customizing POS Installation

To be able to use the program, you must enter at least one authorized Cashier. Additional Cashiers may be entered later.

Entering Authorized Cashier

If you are using a new installation (Trial Version), a sample price list is automatically loaded. This will enable you to try the program right away.

Getting Started Guide

The "Cashier Login" screen is where the Cashier assigned to use the POS terminal must enter her User Password to log in.

Cashier Login

The "Main Screen" is where the Cashier routinely records and processes sales transactions. This is also where the other features and menus maybe accessed. For more details, please refer to the DMS POS User Guide.

Main Screen

Click to download the DMS POS User Guide

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